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Sunday, February 11, 2024

Super Bowl Halftime Show live stream: Watch Usher and more

Super Bowl Halftime Show live stream: Watch Usher and more
Super Bowl LVIII logo from official game program.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show is always a star-studded affair and this year, R&B singer Usher is headlining the event. If you don’t want to miss out — and why would you — you’ll need to tune in when it airs, starting at about 8 to 8:15 PM EST (5 to 5:15 PM PST). So, where exactly can you watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show live stream? On what channels and what services? That’s precisely what this guide covers.

On cable TV Super Bowl LVIII will be airing on CBS and, strangely enough, Nickelodeon for a kids-friendly version of the broadcast. Of course, that doesn’t explain where to tune in online.

Is there a free Super Bowl Halftime Show live stream?

Super Bowl LVIII 49ers vs Chiefs from official program

Technically, if you’re already subscribed to the services where Super Bowl LVIII and the Halftime Show are airing, you can watch for free. But if you’re not subscribed to anything, there is still a reliable way. FuboTV, now just called Fubo, is a TV streaming service that allows you to watch cable TV broadcasts entirely online. Normally, you’d have to pay to watch, but there is a Fubo free trial that allows you to explore the service, with no limitations, for up to 7 days — a whole week. If you sign up before the big game, you’ll be able to watch on the channel of your choosing without paying a dime. Moreover, Fubo is available on various devices, from TVs and streaming tech to mobile, so you can tune in wherever you want. Suppose you have to get up to go to the bathroom in the middle of all the action. You can tune in from an app on your phone. Gotta love technology.

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Watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Fubo

World Series on FuboTV.

As mentioned, Fubo does include support for CBS, the cable channel where Super Bowl LVIII will air. If you’re already signed up for the service, you’re all set! If you’re not signed up, you can always spring for the free trial to watch for free for up to 7 days. That 7 days includes any live sporting events that happen during your trial, so if you sign up before the big game, you’ll be able to watch. If you want to watch the Super Bowl or Apple Music Halftime Show, what are you waiting for?

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Watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Paramount+

A promo image for the AFC Championship game on Paramount Plus.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

While the Super Bowl and Halftime Show are being broadcast on CBS for cable, satellite, and digital antenna users, it should be no surprise that there are alternatives for those looking to live stream the game. Paramount+ is one of those alternatives where you’ll be able to watch both the Kansas City Chiefs vs San Francisco 49ers during the Super Bowl and the Apple Music Super Bowl LVIII Halftime Show, featuring R&B singer Usher. If you’re already subscribed to Paramount+, then great, you don’t need to do anything else except tune in when it’s game time. If you don’t have Paramount+, you’ll either need to subscribe and install it on the devices you want to watch from, or you’ll need to subscribe to another service listed here. Hurry, you don’t want to miss out on any of the action.

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Watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show on Hulu with Live TV

Picture of Hulu with Live TV.

If you’re not familiar, Hulu has essentially two services albeit connected. There’s regular Hulu with lots of excellent on-demand movies, shows, and exclusive content, and then there’s Hulu with Live TV, which also includes access to live cable TV streaming online. Because Hulu’s live TV service does include CBS, the channel where Super Bowl LVIII is being broadcast, you’ll be able to watch the game and halftime show with your subscription. If you’re not subscribed, and Hulu is where you want to watch, you’ll need to get signed up — and install the app — before 6 PM EST. If you only care about the Apple Music Halftime Show, that will begin sometime around 8 to 8:15 PM EST (5 to 5:15 PM PST).

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Watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show on YouTube TV

The YouTube TV home screen.
Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

YouTube TV is the brand’s live cable TV streaming service and you’ll definitely be able to watch the Super Bowl if you’re a subscriber. There is a YouTube TV free trial, as well. That gives you 10 days of full access, to over 100 live channels, for free, although you will have to provide your credit card information — nothing will be charged unless you let it auto renew. Like the other streaming services here, YouTube is available on a variety of devices, from smart TVs and streaming tech, like Roku, to mobile. After the free trial is over, it will be $63 for your first 3 months — saving you $30 — and then $73 per month after the promotional pricing.

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Watch the Super Bowl Halftime Show from abroad with a VPN

NordVPN for Apple TV.
Derek Malcolm / Digital Trends

If you’re spending time out of the country when the Super Bowl airs, you’ll soon discover that there are few local broadcast options, and most streaming providers geo-restrict access to their platforms based on your current IP — which tells them your current location. There is a way to circumvent this issue and it’s with a virtual private network or VPN. When connected through a VPN, you’ll be assigned a remote IP that masks your original address, and these services can make it look like you’re browsing from back home.

Our recommendation for a VPN is NordVPN, and there is a NordVPN free trial. Again, you’ll want to get signed up before the big game so you can install the VPN on all your devices and tune in. NordVPN will allow you to use Fubo, YouTube TV, Paramount+, and other services that would otherwise be unavailable when connecting from abroad. As part of an exclusive birthday deal, you can save up to 67% off your subscription and get an Uber Eats voucher, perfect for snacking during the big game.

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