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Monday, November 18, 2019

EE Black Friday bargain: £28/pm for a 2019 Huawei phone deal and free Nintendo Switch

EE Black Friday bargain: £28/pm for a 2019 Huawei phone deal and free Nintendo Switch

Nearing the end of November means one thing and one thing only - Black Friday savings. Some will tell you it means that Christmas is nearing, time with their family and a big turkey dinner but those people likely didn't see a recent offer from EE.

The crux of the phone deal is this - buy a Huawei P Smart straight from EE and it will go ahead and throw in a free Nintendo Switch. Not a big gamer? Not a problem, EE will pull a switcheroo and give you a free 4K Toshiba 43-inch TV instead.

So far so good, right? A 2019 Huawei device and a premium freebie? You would assume the catch would come in the cost. And yet, this whole bundle comes to a total of £28 a month and just £20 upfront - EE will even throw in 10GB of data each month!

We've listed everything you'll need to know about this offer below. Or for those willing to hold out to see what else Black Friday can bring, consult our guide to the best Black Friday phone deals

Huawei P Smart + free Nintendo Switch or TV deal:

What's good about the Huawei P Smart?

While it doesn't have the name recognition that its bigger (and more powerful) brothers, the Huawei P30 and P30 Pro have, the P Smart is still rocking some impressive specs for its price.

It has a stylish design, with a tear-drop notch giving the screen a fluid almost infinity look. It's packed with ample amounts of storage, a 3400mAh battery and a pretty respectful level of processing power.

It even has a Full HD 6.21-inch screen, meaning you'll still be seeing some brightness and clear vision when watching, scrolling and generally making use of the handset.

Read our full Huawei P Smart review to find out more

Why should I get my next phone deal from EE?

EE is the UK's fastest 4G network and that fact alone has drawn in a lot of support for their contracts, it has steadily become the most popular network in the UK. You'll also find that it frequently has some of the best phone deals out there on almost every new phone.

EE also offers a few incentives to its customers that sweeten the deal. You can get six months of free Apple Music when you pay monthly with EE and the ability to use Wi-Fi to make calls when you just can't find signal anywhere.

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