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Tuesday, October 1, 2019

What To Stock Up On In October

What To Stock Up On In October

This is part of my ongoing monthly savings series. It’s all about What To Stock Up On In October today! If we make a plan on what our needs and wants are, we can check each month to see which is the best month to fork over the money for those things we really need.

It’s all about buying the items we need at rock-bottom prices. Let’s get started with the savings. By cutting costs on items you need each month you may be able to meet your savings goals.

What What To Stock Up On In October

What To Stock Up On In October

Seasonal Produce

Do you love eating fruit and vegetables when they are in season? Oh my gosh, they taste so much better! This month look for pumpkins, pomegranates, cherries, broccoli, sweet potatoes, cranberries, pears, and squash. You may want to look for your pumpkins early in the month, word is out that there may be a shortage due to a very wet spring in parts of the country

If you missed my post on Everything You Need To Know About Apples, you may want to check it out. Stay tuned for my slow cooker apple butter video and recipe coming soon.

Cold and Flu Medicine

In the fall we typically start to see sickness everywhere. The stores know that, so they stock up on cold and flu over the counter medicine. You may see the shelves front and center when you visit your favorite grocery store.

Be sure and watch for humidifiers and vaporizers as well. It’s all about staying well this season at reduced prices. It’s all about saving money every month on the items we need.

Columbus Day Sales

Oh boy, this month watch for markdowns on clothing, bath towels, bedsheets, and decorations for the home. The stores are making room for the holiday decorations, so they need a lot of room for those Christmas trees, lights, and outside decor.

It’s a great month to replace those worn-out sheets. If you need a new quilt, down comforter or bedspread, keep your eyes glued for the ads for great buys.

Pasta Galore

My favorite month to stock up on pasta is this month. The store where I shop marks them down to about a dollar a box for the size I like most. Of course, if you want bigger boxes they will cost a bit more.

The nice thing about pasta is that we can stretch a meal big time with this hearty food storage item.

You may want to look for different shapes because they are priced ridiculously low in October. Some of my favorites are rigatoni, bowtie, and elbow macaroni. Watch your mailbox mailers for coupons to save even more.

Frozen Pizza (National Pizza Month)

National Pizza Day is February 9th every year. Well, National Pizza Month is celebrated on October 1st every year. So be prepared to stock your freezer with your favorite frozen pizzas.

If you want to eat out, stay close to Facebook or Instagram for specials posted nationwide.

Be sure and watch your mailbox for pizza coupons to save even more money. What do you like on your pizza? I like a thin crust loaded with all the goodies and extra cheese.

Tacos (National Taco Month)

Do love you love tacos as much as I do? Well, October 4th is National Taco Day! Bring on the salsa for me! We’ve all heard of Taco Tuesday, well this is Taco Month, so look for huge discounts and two for one buys.

Check out the freezer section for those frozen tacos as well. They are great for the holidays as appetizers, right? It’s a great month to stock up on salsa, taco shells, flour tortillas, and guacamole at very low prices.

Jeans as in Blue Jeans

Here’s the deal, if you missed the school sales for jeans, no worries. Check out the clearance racks for jeans, lots of jeans. The stores are getting ready to stock Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas stuff.

Buy a pair or two to stash for later because it’s getting colder this month. Be ready to put away those shorts.

It’s all about spending money on items we need at cheap prices throughout the year.

Seafood (National Seafood Month)

This month has some super National celebrations so we may as well take advantage of them. So if you love fresh shrimp, frozen shrimp, or mussels, watch for super low prices to make that delicious meal at home.

I can see shrimp cocktail being served during the holidays, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Eve. Watch for reduced prices in weekly ads and coupons in your mailbox.

Halloween Items

What To Stock Up On In October

We all know October is the month for buying Halloween costumes, candy, decorations, and paper products. You will see drastically reduced prices the closer it gets to the end of the month.

Keep in mind, if you are looking for a certain costume you may need to buy it before the deep price cuts show up towards the 31st. If you like to give out a certain candy then stock up the first sale that you see.

But the prices will drop every week towards the last week, so if you aren’t picky just wait.

Trust me, the kids will like any candy you give out at the door on Halloween night. It’s all about saving thousands of dollars over the years by buying the stuff we need at the lowest prices.

Baking Items for the Holidays

Oh my gosh, this is the best month to stock up on baking goods for the holidays. If you need sugar, brown sugar, or chocolate chips of any flavor they will be cut in price. Remember to watch for the best sales prices.

Just about everything you can imagine will be down the center aisles marked down to decorate those awesome desserts you want to take to holiday parties.

Cake Mixes

This is a great month to snag those cake mixes that you love to use. I love it when I can get chocolate cake mix I love for less than a dollar.

The boxes are stored in an airtight plastic container along with the instant pudding mix that goes with my chocolate cake recipe I love to take to parties.

October is the best month to stock up on my angel food cake boxes as well. It’s hard to think about strawberry shortcake in October, but I do so I can snag the boxes at half price. Watch for the best discount prices this month.

Dish Soap

I must confess I buy at least ten bottles of dish soap once a year. Do you worry about running out as much as I do? You will save money in the long run, so why not?

October is the month to save big time on the liquid kitchen soap you like to use. You will also see dishwasher soap and hand soap on sale as well. It’s a great month to stock up for 12 months while the prices are at their lowest all year. Its all about the best buys of the year.


For that coffee drinker in your family, this is a perfect month to stock up some coffee for the year. If you’re like me, you know this would be a great bartering item, right?

Watch for hot chocolate on sale while you’re strolling down that aisle. You’ll be glad when you see the savings.

Fall Clothing

When you think fall weather, you think sweaters, pants, socks, and jackets, right? You will see the stores clearing these out because they have a surplus of them after back to school shopping.

The stores need room for Christmas gifts, trees, and decorations. If you need a winter coat, check the clearance racks this month.

New Cars

If you are in the market for a new car, this is the month the dealers start pushing out the old and bringing in the new year models. The dealers will also have great interest rates to entice us in to buy that car we need.

Be sure and compare the prices on Sam’s Club and Costco’s websites for more savings. Who would have thought these member clubs would help us save money on a car purchase?

Final Word

I love sharing my What To Stock Up On In October as part of my monthly savings series! It’s all about making a list and saving money on the items we need when they hit rock-bottom prices. Please keep on prepping, we must. May God bless this world, Linda

“Prepare Your Family For Survival” by Linda

In case you missed the other months’ posts telling us what to stock up on here they are: What To Stock Up On In January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, and September.

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