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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Get the iPhone XR at a 'best ever' price from Tesco Mobile

Get the iPhone XR at a 'best ever' price from Tesco Mobile

Want an iPhone but put off by the cost? Tesco Mobile has a deal you need to check out

You can get the brilliant iPhone XR with no up-front cost on a £29.99-a-month contract. That's a huge £90 saving, and is Tesco Mobile's best-ever price for the phone. 

But you’d better be quick as this promotion is only available until September 29. 

Rare sights: a true iPhone bargain

This is one of the best deals on an iPhone we've seen in ages. Your £29.99 a month also includes 5000 minutes of calls, 5000 texts and 1GB of data a month to keep your phone fuelled-up. 

Fun fact of the day: did you know the iPhone XR was the most popular iPhone of the last 12 months? 

At this new all-time-low price it’s the best choice for an even wider range of people. And it is certainly the most fun-looking iPhone around. 

You can get the iPhone XR in red, blue, white or black from Tesco Mobile. It's not a plastic phone like many colourful models either. Aluminium sides and a glass back make the iPhone XR feel just as luxurious as Apple's more expensive versions. 

The XR is Apple's fun iPhone

The iPhone XR has a sharp and colourful 6.1-inch screen, big enough to make Netflix look great but not so large it’ll stretch your pockets. It’s also a gamer's delight. The Apple A12 Bionic processor is extremely powerful, ready to handle iOS's many console-grade games. 

Apple didn't scrimp on the camera tech either. The iPhone XR's 12-megapixel camera has a fast F/1.8 lens, and optical image stabilisation improves your night-time photos. Apple used the very same camera hardware in both the iPhone X and iPhone XS.

But what was the part that made us fall in love with the iPhone XR when we first used it? Battery life. At its original release the iPhone XR was easily the longest-lasting new iPhone you could get. 

Even after a full day of WhatsApp, some video streaming and a fistful of podcasts, it will likely have enough juice to get you to lunch time on the next day. 

Customise your deal

Great battery life, an amazing camera, a brilliant screen and plentiful power: you get all the best bits of the iPhone experience without adding much to your monthly outgoings. 

Need more than 1GB data a month? No problem. Tesco Mobile's contracts are tailored to your needs.

The iPhone XR 5GB a month data deal is its most popular. It is just a few pounds more, at £34.49 a month. Serious streaming fans can bump this up to as much as 50GB data a month. 

You can choose your length of contract too. And no matter the deal you choose, you'll save £90 until September 29. It's a great time to upgrade, so check out Tesco Mobile's iPhone XR deals before they expire. 

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