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Tuesday, July 9, 2019

HyperX Cloud Revolver S Review: A Top-notch Gaming Headset


Stylishly, the Cloud Revolver S is indistinguishable from its antecedent. Be that as it may, this has a white and dark shading plan as opposed to the red and dark plan utilized for its ancestor. The headband casing is worked out of this steel which is joined the ear cups on either end.

The ear cups are made of hard plastic and wear a white logo of the organization. Under the headband, there's a delicate cushion that is secured with cowhide. It additionally has a one of a kind white trim sewed on the two sides to supplement the general shading plan of the headset.

The headset doesn't enable you to change the earphone by any means, and truly, you won't want to alter it also. The metal band twists and fits appropriately as per your head. They are agreeable, regardless of whether you have a little head. Generally, the metal casings make a touch of clamor whenever taped or brushed, yet a couple of elastic dampers decreases the resonation.


Talking about solace, the Cloud Revolver S is a very agreeable headset and can be worn for long gaming sessions. Because of the lightweight structure, you won't feel the heaviness of the headset. The huge artificial calfskin ear cups and the delicate suspension headband modify without the clients performing manual tinkering. Additionally, the ear cups turn a couple of degrees toward every path to offer a superior fit.

The organization guarantees that the Revolver S includes a redesigned headband that disseminates the weight equally. This could be the reason the new form offers better solace contrasted with the past adaptation.

Indeed, even the size is better this time around, gratitude to its bigger case that makes it simpler to brandish. Controls are likewise bigger and simpler to work. The control bar has a mic-quiet catch and Dolby switch.


The most recognizable modification from the first Revolver to the new form is the fuse of Dolby 7.1 encompasses sound, which can be started up with the push of a catch. You needn't bother with extra programming to initiate the encompass sound. In spite of the fact that the new headset is great by and large, yet we aren't persuaded by the way that the encompass mode is a noteworthy upgrade.

We utilized it while making amusements like GTA V, Crysis 3, and NFS Payback, and confronted no issues making out the whirlwind of slugs, blasts, vehicles. Enacting the encompass sound made the experience more extravagant as it made the environment sound more realistic and more intense. In any case, now and again we felt that changing to standard mode would be a superior option. While the encompass sound execution of the headset turned out pretty disappointing, the bass lift mode offered some additional punch. In the wake of utilizing the Revolver S for twelve recreations, we believe that the encompass sound was just valuable at specific spots, yet certainly not all of them. Overall the headset produced an extremely adjusted sound yield. We never felt the sound was misshaping or underlining on one specific region. We appreciated fresh and clear sound all through our time with the headset.

In any case, there's isn't any product that gives you a chance to make custom EQs for specific applications, which may be a difficulty for a few. For my situation, I didn't generally require any of that. They were spot on the highest point of the game, straight out-of-the-case.

Full specification:

  • Earphones structure factor: Circumaural

  • Earphones cup type: shut

  • Sound yield mode: stereo

  • Recurrence reaction: 12 Hz

  • Complete Harmonic Distortion (THD)

  • Affectability: 100.5 dB/mW

  • Impedance: 30 Ohm

  • Stomach: 2-inches

  • Magnet material: neodymium

  • Receiver innovation: electret condenser

  • Receiver activity mode: uni-directional

  • Affectability: - 40 dB

  • Reaction data transfer capacity: 50 Hz

  • Sound information: uni-directional - 50 - 18000 Hz


As we would like to think, the HyperX Cloud Revolver S is a splendid headset that ticks all the cases for a perfect gaming frill. The 7.1 encompass sound figures out how to make a vivid domain while playing music, motion pictures or recreations. You get an ideal equalization of bass and treble in the sound, which is a furthest significant angle for a gaming headset.

Aside from its sound abilities, the worker of the Revolver S is something you might want to parade out in the open. Metal, rubber treated plastic, false cowhide, and adjustable foam together make for a classy and agreeable headset. Discussing solace, the headset is adept for long, thorough gaming sessions.

Without a doubt, the cost of the Revolver S is higher contrasted with different headsets accessible in the market, however, in the event that you think about the entire bundle, it merits the value you pay. We would prescribe this headset to somebody searching for a definitive gaming headset. In any case, in case you're are happy to dish out the whole, you'll discover other gaming headsets with lower usefulness at a much lower cost.

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